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McLaughlin Advanced Racer

For sailors competing at the top!

The McLaughlin Advanced Racer enjoys the distinction of being the most envied and copied racing Optimist in the world. This is probably due to our attention toward minute details that can affect speed and durability (durability, AKA stiffness, equals speed over the years!) to create the ultimate racing package. This is the exact package that has won the Worlds!

Everything you need to win at the highest levels of competition. If you are looking for the best value without sacrificing performance, this is your boat. This package is the standard for excelling at the national and world level of racing. It features a choice of sails and four booms in the BlackGold series of spars to perfectly fit a wide range of sailors.

McLaughlin Advanced Racer

The Advanced Racer includes:

  McLaughlin "WORLD CHAMPION" HULL - The Advanced Racer comes with a time-tested hull that has won the US Nationals (many times over) and never been beaten in World Championship competition! The Advanced Racer has the important features top sailors demand; the strongest mast step attachment - so you'll never have to worry about it, precision appendage alignment, "High Float" airbags - a McLaughlin innovation, and wall to wall non-skid.

  Optiparts BlackGold Spars EX975 - This is the ultimate racing spar set in the world - bar none! It is extruded from 7075 aerospace alloys, which is hard coated, black anodized with Teflon impregnation. Stiffest on the market and the choice of all sail manufacturers for testing and development. Choose from four booms that are compatible with different skipper weight ranges and sailing conditions. Guide to Spars. Other spar sets are optional.

  WinDesign High Performance Race Sails EX1057 or EX1058 - Modeled off the "winningest" race sail in history, Olimpic, with proven speed and a wide, forgiving groove for maintaining speed and pointing ability. These sails are cut from Polyant 140B sailcloth, used the World over by major sail makers.   The sail retains its shape and is adjustable for varying wind conditions. It comes with: window, numbers installed, Class fees button, Vectran sail ties, tapered race battens, and sail bag. Available in specific weigh range cuts. Guide to Sails. We represent the most popular sail lofts and can substitute sails.

  WinDesign Competition "New Rule" Racing Blades EX11156T - These blades are built of epoxy to the latest class specifications. They are the same design as those required at the World Championships. They have a perfected, race ready "Pro-Finish" wet sanded for ultimate water adhesion and minimum drag coefficient. The shape and stiffness are the same as more expensive name brands. Included upgrades are a Deluxe Black Tiller and Extension with releasable universal for quick replacement on the water. Guide to Blades. Other blade sets are available.

  What else is included: Your Advanced Racer comes completely rigged with floating, high-vis bowline & bow loop; dual red and green bailers; ball bearing Harken blocks including the "Carbo Ratchet" main sheet block; floating lightweight mainsheet, 3 EZ-fill heavy duty airbags and straps, adjustable black wide-padded hiking straps; delrin mast collar w/ mast safety tie-in; stainless steel adjustable mast step; daggerboard adjustment system w/ handle; daggerboard protection kit; non-skid surfacing in cockpit; owners manual and rigging guide; IYRU plaque and USODA measurement book.

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