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McLaughlin Club Racer

The Standard of the US Optimist Class!
Easy and fun to sail! the McLaughlin Club Racer was designed to maximize the fun factor for first time and beginning sailors while minimizing expense. This is the perfect combo for a timid seven year old as well as your young "Olympic aspiring" adventurer. No other package will get your sailor on the water quicker and in command of their very own boat.

Everything you need to get sailing at the entry level ...and at an outstanding value! The simplicity and utility of the Club Racer makes it the best selling Optimist among programs as well as individuals in the USA for over 15 years.   Easily upgradeable as your sailor(s) progress.

The clear favorite of yacht clubs and learn-to-sail programs, the McLaughlin Club Racer is chosen for its durability and outstanding value!

McLaughlin Club Racer

The Club Racer includes:

  McLaughlin "WORLD CHAMPION" HULL - The Club Racer comes with a time-tested hull that has won the US Nationals and the WORLDS. It's fast out of the box and ready to accept advanced racing equipment as your sailor's skills grow. The Club Racer has a high resale value and appeals to the largest number of club members after your sailor moves on. That's why there are more McLaughlin Club Racers sold in the US than any other Optimist!

  Optiparts UPGRADED Club Spars (EX1051S) - This spar set was specially designed to eliminate loose parts and complexity of rigging. It is the ideal for beginner sailors. The spars (mast, boom and sprit) are made of anodized 6000 series aluminum. The cleats are clam cleats for greater holding power while not cutting control lines, 2:1 sprit adjustment with Harken ball bearing block is standard and the end fittings are the strongest and most durable on the market.

  Optiparts "Upgraded" (Class legal) Club Sail (EX1059) - We could offer a cheap Club Sail to save some money, but we added long lasting cloth, a vision window, class insignia and class royalty fees button (so you won't have to!). This is the most durable sail available, easy to adjust, but with a fast shape. The set includes: Sail ties, battens and a spar bag large enough to store and protect the spars with the sail still attached.

  Optiparts "New Rule" Blades (EX11155T) - These blades are built of clear epoxy and fiberglass over foam to the latest class specifications. They are the same design as those required at the World Championships. Included is a maintenance free aluminum tiller and extension. (They float for safety).

  What else is included: Your Club Racer comes completely rigged with floating, high-vis bowline & bow loop; bailer & lanyard; ball bearing Harken kit including "Carbo Ratchet" block; floating lightweight mainsheet, 3 EZ-fill heavy duty airbags and straps, adjustable black wide-padded hiking straps; delrin mast collar w/ mast safety tie-in; stainless steel adjustable mast step; daggerboard adjustment system w/ handle; non-skid surfacing in cockpit; owners manual and rigging guide; IYRU plaque and USODA measurement book.

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