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Step up to a true racing package!

If racing their shiny new McLaughlin is or is soon to be high on your sailor's agenda, the Intermediate Racer is the ideal combination of "go fast" without "going overboard".   We have optimized this model to offer a combination of all the features of a true racing Optimist at an affordable price for the local and regional racer.

When your child starts to get the racing bug, there are essentials that will help him on the road to success; a lighter weight, more responsive "race sail", offering a better cut suitable for his weight and a spar set that allows easy sail removal so the sail can be kept fast - rolled, not folded. The stiffer boom will help them with sail control on windier days.                                                                                   
The large number of Intermediate Racers on the water shows that this package has met with huge success!

The Intermediate Racer includes:

  McLaughlin "WORLD CHAMPION" HULL - The Intermediate Racer comes with a time-tested hull that has won the US Nationals and the WORLDS. It's fast out of the box and ready to accept premium racing equipment as your sailor's skills grow. The Intermediate Racer has the important features you will want on a racing Opti; features that are designed to keep your young sailor competitive for as long as you own it. And you'll find it's the stiffest hull available (especially after years of aggressive use!).

  Optiparts QuickSilver Spars EX1048 - The key to this set is the "sail slide off system" designed to allow racing quality sails to slide quickly from the mast without untying each sail tie. The sail can then be stored around the boom preventing creases in the material while taking up little space.   This spar set was custom engineered and built by Optiparts especially for the McLaughlin Intermediate package. We designed the set with a stiff 40mm boom for better sail shape, "no stretch" Vectran line package to replace wire and Dacron, and upgraded heel plug, among other improvements. The spars are made of anodized 6082 tempered aluminum. The aluminum clam cleats offer great holding power while not cutting control lines, 2:1 sprit adjustment w/ removable hook-in block, wind indicator, high quality fiberglass reinforced end fittings that perform better than any on the market. 

   WinDesign DuraRace Sail EX1057A under 100#, EX1058A over - Modeled off of the famous Olimpic Race Sails. The DuraRace has a slightly heavier, but much more durable cloth to outlast leading race sails by more than two to three times! Comes complete with: Window, Class fees button, tapered battens, Vectran sail ties, tell-tales and National numbers installed. 

  Optiparts "New Rule" Blades EX11155T - These blades are built of clear epoxy and fiberglass over foam to the latest class specifications. They are the same design as those required at the World Championships. Included is a maintenance free aluminum tiller and extension. (They float for safety).

  What else is included: Your Intermediate Racer comes completely rigged with floating, high-vis bowline & bow loop; bailer & lanyard; ball bearing Harken kit including "Carbo Ratchet" block; floating lightweight mainsheet, 3 EZ-fill heavy duty airbags and straps, adjustable black wide-padded hiking straps; delrin mast collar w/ mast safety tie-in; stainless steel adjustable mast step; daggerboard adjustment system w/ handle; non-skid surfacing in cockpit; owners manual and rigging guide; IYRU plaque and USODA measurement book.

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